Conficker Virus Check – Delete the Conficker Virus

Conficker Virus Check – Delete the Conficker Virus

Nov 22, 2009

confickerPoorly managed computer networks at businesses small and large can lead to viral infections, taking down entire networks and leading to hours or days of unproductive, stressful downtime. Over the last year, from November 2008 to 2009 the worst of these viruses was Conficker. Infection symptoms of Conficker  include:

  • Security-related website access is blocked
  • Users cannot access directory
  • Users cannot access admininistrator shared drives
  • Autorun.inf files are in recycled directory, or trash bin

A Conficker virus check is necessary if you’re thinking you may be infected. It will continually install more spyware onto your computer if it’s not removed quickly. Spyhunter4  is recommended on this website for conficker removal. >> Computer Virus Scan (More Information)


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One year and one day ago on the 21st November, 2008 what is now called ‘Conficker A’ was detected which propagated itself through the internet by exploiting a vulnerability in a network service (MS08-067) on various Windows operating systems.” (



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