Anti-Virus PLUS Review

Anti-Virus PLUS, by Pareto Logic, is another terrific antivirus software option. This security software has everything necessary to help keep your computer protected, and can be customized for easy use. You can use the software for advanced custom system scans, or set-and-forget security. Anti-Virus PLUS from ParetoLogic proved a perfect solution.¬† ¬† One of the special features that ParetoLogic included in their Anti-Virus PLUS is ‘cyclic detection’. Some malware has the ability to write a new entry on your registry even after it has been detected and blocked. The new entry causes another popup alert to display, and repeats until the system is overwhelmed and turns off. Cyclic detection in Anti-Virus PLUS identifies the pattern and will disable the block option temporarily, allowing you to run a system scan to remove it.

starstarstarstarhalfstar4.5 STAR RATING

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